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St Peter’s Church Angel Display – 1st December

THS set up a display in the Church along with many other interesting and beautiful exhibits by other groups, based on an “ANGEL” theme.

A Talk on Charles Dickens – 22nd November

Our speaker, Pat Osborne spoke about Dickens’ life and times and the relationship with Georgina

Georgina Hogarth (22 January 1827 – 19 April 1917) was the sister-in-law, housekeeper, and adviser of English novelist Charles Dickens and the editor of three volumes of his collected letters after his death.

Wentworth visit – 15th October

Those of you who have read “Black Diamonds” will be aware of the history of the house including its mining connection. Manny Shinwell a Labour Minister after the war, ensured open cast mining continued up to the front of the house to make a point. Thankfully most of the land is now restored.

A very well attended trip to Wentworth Woodhouse by coach from Thorner with over 30 members attending. A private escorted tour of the House and Gardens was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Wentworth Woodhouse is, with a plan area over 250,000 square feet, is known as Britain’s largest private home.

AGM – 15th May

Towton Visit & Lunch – 25th June

A walk was made round the site of the battlefield guided by an excellent Towton Society guide volunteer. Until one saw the terrain it was difficult to understand how the dips in the land hid the approaching army. The local beck apparently “ran with blood” from those trapped and butchered on its steep banks.

We had a convivial lunch in the nearby Rockingham Arms.

Talk on Leeds Suffragettes – 18th April

A display of suffragette history and people accompanied the talk

This excellent talk was given by our own committee member, Rita Savile-Stones, who has researched the topic.

She has lived in Shadwell for 74 years & in the same house for 55 years. Her parents came to Leeds in the twenties to find work because her father’s farm had hit bad times with poor summers and poor harvests.

Rita helped to write the history of Shadwell and its people in the 1970’s with the WI History Group. Her interest in history and Leeds was demonstrated in her talk.

Several lady members dressed up in period costume to add authenticity.

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