Previous Events 2018

Castle Howard Visit – 30th November

Please download the document below for more details of Castle Howard.

Apparently the youngest son and his wife who ran the House for thirty years were forced to leave by the elder son in 2017.

WWI Talk and discussion – 16th November

There was an excellent turnout for our talk on November 16th celebrating the end of WW1 and commemorating those who served or died on our behalf. Our speaker, Richard Wimpenny, spoke about the larger view of the war; the politics and the battle field tactics used. What did we learn from the war and its consequences?

After the interval a short film was shown with some footage from the Yorkshire Film Archive of local Yorkshire lads mobiising for war and intimations of the rise of Hitler.

The audience then participated in a discussion with the speaker on these issues at some length and contributed reminiscences of family and friends involved in the war.

There was also a large display by THS showing the War War One timeline and significant local and national events which took place. Attendees were unanimous in their praise for the effort made.

The pictures show Victory Hall set up for the evening and later at the interval.

A Talk about Rasputin – 3rd October

A talk by one of our favourite speakers. Pat Osborne does meticulous research and always has a new slant on any given topic.
Rasputin ‘The Mad Monk of Russia’.

Annual Dinner & Quiz at the Beehive – 3rd May

This year the dinner was even better attended than previously. The meal was excellent and the Beehive, under new management were most helpful.

The quiz led by Richard Gibson was appreciated by all participants and particularly those who won the £50 voucher for a meal at the Beehive.

A Talk on Lady Randy Churchill – 15th March

Another entertaining talk was given by popular speaker, Pat Osborne. All you thought about “Lady Randy” and her husband was true. A wonder their son Winston Churchill seemed relatively normal. He did not have the same parental love and devotion that we hope most people experience.

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